Although there are many other ways to create an impression on your customers and strengthen your relationship with them, business stationery including business cards form a significant part of the marketing and customer development of every business. A card that is designed well clearly conveys your business ideas and principles to your audience and hones your relationship with them – eventually strengthening your brand identity and brand awareness. The best marketing strategies are inarguably those that engage the target audience most effectively and productively. For this purpose, designers form illustrations and images to manipulate the emotions of their audience, touching their heartstrings and captivating them by producing and publishing attractive, interesting and persuasive content about their products. The content is specifically designed to make it best suited to the interests and requirements of the market segment that it is aimed to persuade.

Businesses that successfully optimize the emotional connection with their audience tend to outperform their competitors by about 26% in the gross margin and about 85% in terms of overall sales growth.

People are increasingly becoming more likely to be driven into a purchase under the effects of an emotional connection established with the concerned brand or product, or an impression made by that brand in their minds. Such relationships can be found most effectively by video marketing. The verbatim effect is a psychological effect that conveys that people primarily remember the general essence of what you publish as opposed to plain facts or specifics (HubSpot). That makes your business stationery essential to your brand identity – a well-designed card can get you to a place in the market where otherwise you may never reach. Designing is an essential part and can also be called the core and crux of marketing.

Another research shows that the ads which succeeded in generating an above-average electroencephalogram (EEG) readings delivered about a 23% hike in the overall sales volumes. On the other hand, ads with negative EEG scores tend to experience a 16% dip in the sales volume. An electroencephalogram reading is an effect produced in a human brain due to something which is not consciously acknowledged. Quality content and stationery designing can create an above-average EEG effect. Designing agencies like Vistaprint can leverage the type of designing that you would need on your business cards for them to be able to impress your audience. The impression that your business leaves on the minds of the target market is one of the most important things in deciding how successful your business is.